The Certify Certificate Manager (Community Edition) app is free for evaluation or personal use. The Community Edition will manage up to 5 different certificates per install. You can purchase a license key to upgrade, which will enable unlimited managed certificates.

License Bundles


For installation on a single server

$59.00 USD


For installation on up to 3 servers.

$149.00 USD

Power Pro

For installation on up to 25 servers.

$899.00 USD

$1798.00 USD


For installation on up to 100 servers.

$2499.00 USD

$4998.00 USD

$7497.00 USD

All license types include the following benefits:

  • Unlimited managed certificates per server.
  • Support tickets via email
  • Optional multi-server dashboard reporting
  • Renewal failure notifications
  • Contribute to global carbon reduction**

Cloud Managed Licensing

As an optional alternative to purchasing a license bundle you can instead use a cloud managed license key subscription, with a flexible number of installs so you only pay for the quantity you need. For more details, see:

Cloud Managed License pricing via Azure is $4.99 USD per install per month and continues until you cancel.

Subscribe using Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Subscription billing becomes part of your regular Microsoft Azure billing (your servers don't need to be on Azure) with no additional procurement processes or credit cards needed. To get started with cloud managed licensing via Microsoft Azure billing you can use any of the following links to create your subscription:

Additional Information

  • You can purchase more than one license key of any type. If you require payment to be completed by another person/department, a link is provided for them to complete the purchase on your behalf.
  • When License Keys expire your certificate auto-renewal will continue as normal but additional managed certificates can only be added after renewing the license key.
  • Only electronic purchasing is supported and we do not enter into manual purchasing processes for non-Enterprise editions. Please test the free version of the app before making your purchase to ensure it meets your requirements.
  • Your invoice will be available for download from your account on the License Keys tab. If you require our vendor details in advance see vendor details
  • We are not a certificate authority and have no control over any CAs. Purchasing a license key for this application will not enable you to circumvent your CAs own rate limits.

Certify DNS is our own cloud hosted implementation of the acme-dns protocol, for delegation of DNS challenges during the ACME certificate order process. You can read more about Certify DNS in our docs.

Certify DNS (Standard)

Licensed for 12-Months.*

$60.00 USD

Cloud Managed Licensing

You can optionally purchase your Certify DNS license as a cloud managed subscription via Microsoft Azure. For some organisations this makes purchasing simpler because it's billed through Azure Marketplace instead of making a purchase here via our site. See Certify DNS Cloud Managed License Cloud Managed License pricing via Azure is $4.99 USD per month and continues until you cancel.

** When you pay via Stripe a percentage of your purchase goes towards carbon reduction and climate projects.